Another Dimension Of Life

It began with a conversation on the street with a homeless man—the insight that led a humble machine-shop owner, Dan Kenner, to take up a pen and begin listening. He tuned his ear to the wisdom of the Unseen. This book is the written record of what he heard.

Growth, choice, empowerment, and change—all are addressed in this rich compilation of advice from beyond. In the words of the other-dimensionals:

“Self-examination—or a questioning of purpose and life direction—is a process of introspection. Some call it soul searching, some call it reflection or contemplation. Call it what you wish, it is a force for change. It is a journey inward, and it is an adventure that is there for all who are brave enough to go.”

Join the recorder, Dan (whom the off-world authors call “Stephen”) for a sojourn into yourself and the mysteries of the universe—if you are ready for the plunge.

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